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Our focus at GIAOM is that our community has a place to go for assistance regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, and orientation regardless of their ability to pay.  Our services have no strings attached...period.

We put our Christian faith into action by serving our community with dignity, respect, and no judgement. That is our Promise to anyone who seeks or needs our help. We believe no one is better than the other and it is our greatest and loving task to lift others up and be there when they need it. 



Great I Am Outreach Ministries is here to serve not just the physical and mental needs of the community but the spiritual needs as well, to all those who express the need. 


No "strings" attached to our services


Our services are never offered with "strings" attached. Meaning, hearing the Word of God is not a requisite to receiving assistance from GIAOM at any time, most of our programs are provided with no paperwork, identification or proof of residency. We are simply here to help.

Support for youth ...

We all should be invested in giving our youth safe and healthy places to be curious, learn and contribute positively to the community. We are constantly looking at ways to achieve this and have several programs in the works. One such program which is currently in place is the Spiritual Soldiers Worship Dance Team. Check out our Youth Outreach page for more information!

Information and Referral Services

No one should have to go hungry, which is why we partner with St. Mary's Food Bank, the Phoenix Rescue Mission and other organizations to provide food boxes/pantry to those who need it. We have two programs to accomplish our goals; The Neighborhood Community Food Program and our mobile Community Food Distribution Program.... 



Portions of this program are still in the planning stages: The "Don't Stop" Program assists individuals who are in need of work attire, information and referral, housing, job placement and more....

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Referrals

This is a future program: GIAOM offers a referral service to other organizations that can help with mental health and substance abuse. We will listen to you and get you on the path for help.

Program Launch in October 2022:

Our Information and Referral Services are provided to anyone who has a need. We listen to you and provide you with a list of organizations, public and/or private, that can assist you. 

If you are unable to make contact with the organizations, then we will gladly act as a liaison to gather the information


GIAOM believes our Youth need positive people in their lives who will inspire them to new heights so they can believe in themselves, to have the courage, leadership and self-discipline to prepare them for their lives into adulthood.   

Assistance in navigation of legal and medical systems

Program Launch March 2023: Navigating through the medical and legal system can be daunting especially if you do not have the resources to pay for professional services. However, there are free services out there that can help through the paperwork and bureaucracy that is usually attached to such matters. We can help you navigate through the processes.


Our program ministers to those who live on the streets by providing food, clothing, personal items and spiritual encouragement.

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