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What communities do you serve?

GIAOM serves the Phoenix Metropolitan area.


Are there eligibility requirements to participate in your programs?

GIAOM is here to serve anyone in need and most of our programs do not need proof of need, residence or identification.


How are your programs funded?

Most of our programs are funded through our fundraising efforts, grants and public donations. At this time, none of our programs are funded through any government funds.


Your website states you are a 501(c)3) Arizona non-profit corporation. What does that actually mean to me as a donor? This answer is a little lengthy and we had to get a little help: 

It's common to hear the terms "nonprofit" and "tax exempt" used interchangeably, and many organizations are both nonprofit and tax-exempt. But there's an important distinction. The first term is a state designation related to how the organization uses the money it generates. The second is a status conferred by the Internal Revenue Service that affects a group's federal tax liability.

The "nonprofit" designation merely means that any surplus profit cannot be distributed to an organization's members, employees, officers or shareholders. All profits must be held within the organization, to be used to further its mission.

Tax-exempt status comes from the federal government, and it means two things: An organization does not have to pay corporate income taxes on the money it generates, and people who donate money to the organization can take a tax deduction for their donations.

Merritt, Cam. "Tax-Exempt vs. Nonprofit." Small Business -,


Are my donations tax deductible?

Another great question and since we are not tax preparers or attorney's we went to the IRS website ( to give you the resources to answer this question. By the way, the IRS has a great tool to assist taxpayers specifically for this topic, which we have listed for your reference:

The IRS has a pretty in-depth publication that goes through everything you need to know about cash and property donations to qualified organizations, such as GIAOM. It's called Publication 526 - Charitable Contributions. Here is the direct link


As promised, here is the link to the interactive tool:


Are your programs provided free of charge?

Yes, all of GIAOM programs are provided free of charge.


Do you really go out into the community to provide assistance?

Absolutely! Now, that was an easy question and one we didn't even have to think about. 

Have a question not on the FAQ page, send us an email and we will give you an answer. You might even see it added to the FAQ page.

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