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DON'T STOP! Program

The "Don't Stop" Program
is still in the works.
Please check back often for updates or sign up for the newsletter to stay touch.
We can help
you get over
the hurdles!

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The Don't Stop Program is still in the infantile stages of development, however, we are very excited with the progress we are making in turning our vision into a working model. Please read below for the details regarding this program.

GIAOM has several programs that are under the "Don't Stop" Program services, which include:


Our Street Ministry is one of the first programs implemented and is a cause that our Co-Founder Carlotta Pink holds dear to her heart. This program ministers to those living on the streets, regardless of why and how they have come about their circumstances; we are there to provide them with food, clothing, basic necessities and offer spiritual encouragement. Our volunteers will also offer additional assistance as needed such as; crisis referral, housing options, and work placement.


The Information & Referral Assistance Program will be fully operational by October 2022. At this time, we are able to offer limited services to those who need additional resources for food and clothing.


Please check back with us often or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest GIAOM news.

"Suit Up" Work Attire Program

The "Suit Up" Work Attire Program is part of the "Don't Stop" Program and is still in the funding and developing stage. We anticipate having the program up and running by mid-2023, if not sooner. Please check back for updates or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with GIAOM news and programs. Meanwhile, please read below for the details regarding this program.

The "Suit Up" Work Attire Program is designed to assist men who need a suit(s) to help them make a positive first impression; whether it is interviewing for a position or to help them get through the first few weeks of landing a new job. We all know that first impressions can either get you through the door or be the reason you don't get called back. For a man who is transitioning or lives in temporary housing, it can be difficult to buy a suit when your resources are already stretched to the limit. This program will be able to give them a chance to walk proud and with them one more step through the door. 


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