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Food Distribution Programs

Food. It is a basic need and without it the evitable comes to pass. We die. However, before that final conclusion, we can suffer from a multitude of health and even mental diseases and ailments. GIAOM believes NO ONE should be allowed to suffer especially from lack of food and water. Unfortunately, we have individual's, adults and children alike, who do not have access to fresh, nutritional food and clean water.  We don't anyone to have to choose, which is why we serve the elderly who must choose between medicine and food…families who are struggling to make ends meet and also feed their children, those with health issues who need better nutrition and healthier food and the homeless who are struggling to just stay alive.


We serve our local communities with the goal to help end hunger among our most vulnerable people. Our volunteers are dedicated to this goal by distributing food and water through GIAOM's site pantry or going out into the neighborhoods; reaching those who for a variety of reasons are unable to access local pantries.



GIAOM has two Food Distribution Outreach Programs:

The Neighborhood Distribution Program  distributes nutritional food to individuals and families once a month at a planned designated site (s) throughout the Valley of the Sun. We partner with local organizations to set up our sites in their parking lots or facility. We welcome anyone in need of food assistance. We do not ask for identification, residency documentation and there are no income or asset restrictions for this program. In addition, there is no written application to fill out. 


Our Community Food Distribution Program volunteers go out into the community and pass out nutritional food boxes or bags, and water. The volunteers also take the opportunity to pass out blankets and other personal necessities to the homeless or others who are living on the streets for whatever circumstance, who may otherwise be overlooked. 


GIAOM is excited to announce that we can now distribute food boxes 2x a week to all those who need it, thanks to our volunteer network.

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